Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's Underneath at Christmas Time...

I'm so excited because I feel like there is a return to the whole idea of 'Christmas Lingerie' this festive season.

Brands are merchandising with a message to WOW this Christmas and that makes me so happy!  I have always had a very strong love of christmas, and of course I love lingerie....the combination of my two great loves could never be wrong!

Don't be afraid to get lingerie as a gift to yourself!  Something that you will love that you can wear all year round and that gets you in a festive mood!  Brands to keep an eye out for this Christmas are Elle Macpherson, especially with the release of her twice yearly 'Boudoir' range (christmas and Valentine's only) Pleasure State for corsetry, and anything from IM Boutique, providing you have the cash flow for it!
I'm on the hunt now for what's underneath with men during the festive season...keep your eyes peeled for that post, in the meantime
Happy Bra Blogging x

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