What's Really Underneath

Let's get into what is really underneath.

All your imperfections and lumps and bumps and smooth bits and freckles and curves.  All of the things that make you who you are.

I am constantly faced with women who are devastated by their own appearance and it can be really upsetting, both for them and for me.  More often than not, women are wearing the wrong bra size and their whole body shape is warped by an odd shaped bust.  Once you get fitted in the right size and style, your whole body shape can change.  We find your waist! and show it off!  Once you put your clothes back on over top you can immediately see the difference.  You stand taller, pull your shoulders back and show off the true shape of your body.

In my years in this job, I have come to love the female form, in all its different shapes and sizes.  When you come to the fitting room, we understand that there will be things you're not happy with, but one of the tricks of the trade is to look at the things you do like, not the things you don't.  Why are you staring at your hips, your stomach when you could be looking at how nicely your bust is sitting in that bra, the nice naturally rounded shape of your bust and how small your waist looks now that we've lifted your bust up that bit higher?  Look for the things you love about you.

This will take a bit of work, and certainly a bit of practice, but its work thats worth doing.  You don't need to cover yourself up with your hands as soon as you take your top off.  I think it's great that you're there getting a fitting in the first place, I'm not going to chastise you about eating cake!  As long as you are healthy and happy I am happy for you!

It's what's underneath that really counts, so make peace with what you have because your body is your vehicle for getting around in this life.  If you can love you from the inside out then it will show, and you'll feel no need to be constantly trying to hide your lovely body!