Monday, February 11, 2013

A series of confessions

 Forgive me followers for I have sinned.

Firstly I confess that I have let my beautiful blog fall by the way-side while I let my life get in the way. To my credit I did get a degree in this time but really, it's no excuse.
My second and major confession is that I have become one of my own statistics. One of my own bra underwear nightmares. I have become my own patient/client/victim. Over the last year my diet has drastically changed, and with it, the shape of my body. Of course, as we all dread, my breasts were the first to go. But I have been in denial. Believing that all my techniques for lifting and separating were going to get me through, were enough to fill my cup. The other day at my new job, I looked down to notice clearly visible bra lines through my T-shirt where the gaping fabric of the cup was separated from my shrinking bosom. The backs of my bras are riding up, the underwire digging into me on the side from all the movement, the straps at their tightest and still hang loose.  It's time for action. I can no longer pretend that I'm the full D cup I was, but more likely a standard C. There you go, I said it. And guess what? Nothing happened.
Still nothing. For a minute there I thought the world might fall apart if my bra size changed. Nope, I'm just like all women. Things change, bodies change and we forget that our bras can be our best friends, supporting us and getting us through the tough stuff one underwire at a time.
So now I've admitted it, I'm ready to make the change. I'm going to update my bra wardrobe - I'll even take photographic evidence of the positive changes I'm making and yes, put pictures of myself on this blog. Watch this space.
Ten Hail Marys for your sins and Happy Bra Blogging xx

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  1. Hi Madeline! I need your help. I'm a 15 year old Indian girl and I got referenced to you from this website.
    You're a bra specialist based in Australia.

    It will just mean tremendously much if you could help me out. I've never worn comfortable bras. I love running around and so I've always liked sports bras - but:

    1. They don't lie flat in the center and never fit me properly. I then have like a jutting out and straight, armor chest.

    2. They stretch out. That's the worst. ): I wash them by hand with ordinary soap & hang dry. Am I doing anything wrong? I use Jockeys (respectable) but it still goes limp in 2 -3 months.

    3. They say have different types of bras. What really? I've never owned anything but sports bras.

    4. Finally - I'm pretty sure my problem is cup size. But here in India, people only really measure your back (36-35 etc.) No cup sizes in most stores. How do I figure out my cup size? Is there a (reasonably priced) online store which can help me?

    5. Any tips for me in general?

    Thanks so much.
    I really hope you'll answer this.
    I need your help.