Monday, March 21, 2011

In Pursuit of Sports Bra

Jess is not what anyone would call the "fitness" type.  Despite this, she has recently decided that she would like to walk home from work in the evening in order to better maintain a healthy body and mind.  Today we went shopping for a Sports Bra for her so that she can also maintain a healthy and well supported bust!  Sports Bras are certainly not the most attractive bras in the world, but they are essential for women who wish to exercise.  Half the exercise is just getting into the Sports Bra (they are as a general rule quite restrictive, this is how you want them to be).
This is what we found...

This is a Berlei Contoured Sports Bra, with a support factor 2.  This means thatis is good for medium to low impact work-outs, just like walking.  Other Sports Bras by Berlei go up to a SF4.  It even has a small amount of lift in the cup, for women who still want a slightly fuller looking bust whilst working out...
There are lots of rules to follow when buying a Sports Bra, some of the key ones are as follows
- Sports Bras are not designed to be worn all day, they are restrictive and not comofrtable when worn for 8 hours at a time
- Sports Bras should decrease the bounce in your bust when you walk/run/ride by a considerable amount and if they do not, you are not getting the coverage and support that you require
- Once you have done the hard work of finding the Sports Bra, you really ought to treat yourself...
 Jess wears Elle Macpherson "Artistry" in Lemon

 And also Elle Macpherson "Hook, Line and Sinker" set in Red.  Oh My Goodness, high-waisted underpants are divine! 
Ladies, please get out there and do yourself a favour.  Get a good quality, supportive Sports Bra and it will change your life
Happy Bra Blogging x


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  2. She is indeed looking amazing in the attire. Celebs often provide great inspiration when it comes to style and fitness wear. The getup that she is sporting in this picture is very cool and I would also love to try it by pairing a nice sports bra with my favorite leggings.