Saturday, September 3, 2011

Everyone Loves a Sale...

Today my girlfriend Teapot and I were enjoying a leisurely Saturday stroll on Smith Street, when we came across a SALE! And not just any Sale, a Bendon Outlet Sale...

Oh My Goodness.  Bras under $20 and Briefs under $10...  Needless to say, we went slightly BESERK...or I did...Can someone please tell me when Macpherson Men Undies have ever been $10?  No.  Because they have not...I left with 19 pairs of Macpherson Men Underpants for the men (and one woman who chooses to wear mens underpants) in my life, and I will certainly be going back for more!  They had a brilliant range of colours and sizes, it was actually blissful.
Oh, and of course I got myself a treat too...
Elle Macpherson Boudoir set for $30? Big tick! 
Get in there soon to pick up something for your Dad, Friends, Brothers, Boyfriends, Lovers, Girlfriends, Sisters and Mothers.  Quickly, or else I will have bought them out!
Happy Bra Blogging x

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